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Opposed Gun Control

People who oppose gun control often argue that the nation would be safer if more people had permits to carry concealed weapons. Fact, however, doesn't support opinion. In a 2015 study by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) of 544 concealed…

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About Us

All of Canada is trying to understand…but we don’t. We thought Americans would demand change so many times in the past. Lafayette. Newtown. Aurora. Tucson. Fort Hood. Blacksburg. Roseburg. All American towns…where someone used guns in horrific mass murders.

When two young members of a news crew were murdered during a live broadcast in Moneta, Virginia we shook our heads yet again. A shooter killed nine people recently in Roseburg, Oregon. Small town America…where everyone knows everyone. After every shooting, the news media interviews friends, family, loved ones, law enforcement officials and politicians. The sound bites ring all-too-familiar: “Sad.” “Tragic.” “Lives extinguished way too soon.” “Things like this don’t happen here.” And yet, they do.

There’s nearly one mass shooting in America every day. What exactly will it take to bring change…change that people worldwide see as critical to America’s future? When will Americans demand change from the American government. Some things don’t seem to matter. Not race. Not gender. Not age. Even the murders of little children are accepted as something that comes with freedom. Really?

America, no one anywhere in the world believes that. It simply isn’t true. You’re in denial. And like a loved one addicted to drugs. You need an intervention. So, here in Canada, and, indeed, worldwide, this petition is a plea for you to demand action from your Federal government. Turn your back on partisan politics. Forget the lies…the misinformation…the rhetoric. Do something…before it’s too late. Millions of Canadians…billions of people worldwide…want something better for you…our American friends.

“America needs sensible gun control. No more rhetoric deflecting the issue of killing people with guns. No acceptance of gun deaths because we live in a free democracy. No more sadness in front of television news cameras every day as the only response to senseless gun control. No more allowing special interests to control America. We want answers…solutions…sensible gun control…NOW!”

“The petition supporting sensible gun control will be delivered to the U.S. Congress before the next general election on Nov. 8, 2016.”